Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not so smart drug dealer

There is a black mini van (Kia model?) driving around Millville doing drug deals. NJ Reg. #R84-AFD. The driver is a heavyset black male with braided hair. He usually has a large black male passenger riding along with him, and they like to blast their rap music at loud levels. Real good way to keep a low profile fellas...

I have seen this van conduct suspiscious "deals" at the car wash at 7th and Main Streets a few times, and also behind McDonalds on 2nd street.

How it works is people will park in a public location and contact the man in the mini-van via cell phone. A few minutes later the van will show up and an order will be placed. The person will then be given instructions to follow the van to another location to pick up the stuff.

One night a few weeks ago a heavyset caucasian female in her 20's driving a white dodge neon contacted this mini-van, who met her at the car wash. The driver of the van could clearly be heard asking the girl what she wanted and if she had the money. The girl was then instructed to follow the van to an address in the 200 block of North 7th street to finalize the deal. I was unable to pinpoint the house address just yet, but am working on it.