Saturday, August 29, 2009

Positive observations

It seems shooting incidents in town have dropped noticeably the past year or so. One reason may be the increased use of bicycle and foot patrols by Millville PD.

Getting officers out of patrol cars creates more effective interaction with the community, and the ability to move around a neighborhood less noticeably. People may be less inclined to commit a serious crime (like firing a weapon) if a police officer is potentially only a few feet away blending into the crowd.

For years, many shore towns have relied heavily on foot/bicycle patrols to successfully monitor crowds and deter crime. It's good to see Millville PD using a variety of strategies to combat those who wish to destroy the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Ordinary citizens can reduce crime in the same fashion simply by living life without fear. Walking the dog after dinner, a bike ride, or sitting on the porch enjoying the evening air lets the criminal element know someone is watching, and their chances of getting away with illegal activity are diminished.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Driving Alert

A man was driving on Cedar street near the first aid squad late at night recently, and had an object thrown through his windshield, causing serious injuries. It appears there have been past incidents in this same area.

Anyone driving Cedar street at night should pay close attention to the roadsides for items being thrown, and report any suspicious persons lingering around to police. Hopefully the idiots who have no regard for the safety of others will be caught soon and face harsh penalties.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not good!

Prostitutes appear to be more openly making second street their official "walk" for people passing through town to see! Race fans, families, tourists passing through, decent residents etc...

The preferred track seems to be along 2nd street from Vine all the way up to Flippers Custard at G street.

Tonight around 11:30pm I witnessed one regular face in the shadows near the bus stop by Advance Auto. Another woman was working the northbound side across from the custard stand where the bus stop is in front of the bank.

Some sleezy looking guy on a motorcycle kept circling and pulling into the custard place trying to negotiate a deal with one. When the "working girl" realized they were being watched she backed off and quickly walked north on 2nd toward the hotels up past the Lilliston dealership (known hangouts for hookers and drug users).

Maybe the police can find the time to hit this area of unsightly activity with some sting operations a few more times before the weather turns colder! The activity seems noticably busier lately.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Uptown Chicago - we think we have it bad

Here is a blog regarding rampant street violence in Uptown Chicago. This is why citizens have to take action and take back our streets.

Corson Park Advisory

There's been an increase of muggings and robberies at Corson Park lately, as noted in the local news. The park is located near 14th and Main Streets. Most recently two men armed with a shotgun robbed somebody (these men were later caught), and two men armed with an unkown sharp object robbed, beat and cut a pedestrian. There have been other incidents in months past.

People using the area should excersize caution and be very alert to your surroundings, avoiding isolated or dark areas. From what I've seen the assaults have taken place after hours when the park is technically "closed" however there's nothing to say the crooks can't branch out into the surrounding streets to find a victim out for an evening stroll.

The eastern edge of Pine street borders the back of Corson Park, and flows into the rear parking lot of the high school on Wade blvd. Pine street is a heavily traveled street all night long by questionable characters, because it provides a direct link between center city and the apartments along Wade blvd. Many teens use this route to avoid detection while out after curfew, and the criminal element seems to favor this route because it's a low profile shortcut where police presence may be less common.

Due to the foot traffic around the park after hours, residents should pay attention to their surroundings and activities, so as not to present an easy target to thugs seeking a quick score.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

News Article

There's an article in today's Asbury Park Press discussing people increasingly using emails, blogs and texting nationwide to pass information on suspicious activities in their respective neighborhoods.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A great site!

Drove down Broad street awhile ago, and noticed a large police raid at a duplex in the 400 block! Great job by police combating one more known gang/drug haven! This particular duplex is well known to have gang banger types blocking sidewalks and harrassing pedestrians. I believe the other side of this duplex may have been raided in the past as well. Hopefully the city can go after the landlord if this is true, for maintaining a nuisance property and ongoing criminal activity. Thanks to law enforcement for their efforts, and any neighbors that may have reported suspicious activities at this residence to assist police in building a case!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Graffiti Must Be Removed ASAP!!

Graffiti can be a menace if it is ALLOWED to just sit. It has to be removed IMMEDIATELY or the element will see that its ok to just deface any building. Near my home at Pine and High Streets some clown put the letters YG on the window of the old Foglios building. It has been there for over 2 weeks. I have sent email to the City Commission (2 of them) and its STILL there. I know the city does not own the property but it MUST be proactive or MORE of this will deface the Arts District. Graffiti and crime seem perfect together.

Not so smart

Late one recent evening I stopped off at a local Wawa to buy some basic staples for the house. I had the honor of watching two young men purchase some flavored cigars from the store, then rush to their car and eagerly begin removing tobacco from the cigars, which aroused my curiosity since I was standing only a few feet away.

These two young men, oblivious to everything around them, proceeded to dump the tobacco on the ground outside the car's window, then refill the cigars (right outside the storefront!) with their own preferred brand of leafy product. Hmmm....

Since these two braniacs driving a Silver Mercury Grand Marquis with large chrome wheels were so open about their recreational habits, I thought Millville Pd. would get a kick out of it too. Unfortunately an officer did not arrive in time to share in the joy these two fine young men so obviously had over their new smokes.

Perhaps someone else will observe these resourceful young men in similar activities one day and notify Millville PD, so they can offer some friendly advice to the occupants how NOT to attract attention to oneself while engaging in illicit activities.