Monday, August 17, 2009

Not good!

Prostitutes appear to be more openly making second street their official "walk" for people passing through town to see! Race fans, families, tourists passing through, decent residents etc...

The preferred track seems to be along 2nd street from Vine all the way up to Flippers Custard at G street.

Tonight around 11:30pm I witnessed one regular face in the shadows near the bus stop by Advance Auto. Another woman was working the northbound side across from the custard stand where the bus stop is in front of the bank.

Some sleezy looking guy on a motorcycle kept circling and pulling into the custard place trying to negotiate a deal with one. When the "working girl" realized they were being watched she backed off and quickly walked north on 2nd toward the hotels up past the Lilliston dealership (known hangouts for hookers and drug users).

Maybe the police can find the time to hit this area of unsightly activity with some sting operations a few more times before the weather turns colder! The activity seems noticably busier lately.

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