Sunday, August 2, 2009

Graffiti Must Be Removed ASAP!!

Graffiti can be a menace if it is ALLOWED to just sit. It has to be removed IMMEDIATELY or the element will see that its ok to just deface any building. Near my home at Pine and High Streets some clown put the letters YG on the window of the old Foglios building. It has been there for over 2 weeks. I have sent email to the City Commission (2 of them) and its STILL there. I know the city does not own the property but it MUST be proactive or MORE of this will deface the Arts District. Graffiti and crime seem perfect together.


Alertguy said...

The graffiti was removed this morning by a local resident as a good deed. There's still a small amount of overspray the owners should attend to, but the letters are history!

new jersey criminal lawyer said...

It is great to see people are taking care of their community. The town is not always a quick response, but it is nice to see people around that care about their surroundings.

youoldfart said...

why should the city clean up the private property? its not public property, it's not their job. if it was hurting your eyes so damn much you should of cleaned it yourself.

Carl B. Johnson said...

Oldfart - where did anybody say anything about the city cleaning the property?

FYI - we have city ordinances governing graffiti - it is the responsibility of the property owner to promptly remove or clean graffiti.

IMO - the owners of that particular building have no interest in maintaining the proper appearance as many of the stores in that building are totally out of compliance with the city's sign ordinance (topic for another blog).

City code enforcement must be pro-active in contacting the owners of these buildings and sending notice to clean or come to court.

Graffiti on prominent buildings downtown sends the wrong message to visitors, and that message is that the downtown is unsafe.