Saturday, August 29, 2009

Positive observations

It seems shooting incidents in town have dropped noticeably the past year or so. One reason may be the increased use of bicycle and foot patrols by Millville PD.

Getting officers out of patrol cars creates more effective interaction with the community, and the ability to move around a neighborhood less noticeably. People may be less inclined to commit a serious crime (like firing a weapon) if a police officer is potentially only a few feet away blending into the crowd.

For years, many shore towns have relied heavily on foot/bicycle patrols to successfully monitor crowds and deter crime. It's good to see Millville PD using a variety of strategies to combat those who wish to destroy the fabric of our neighborhoods.

Ordinary citizens can reduce crime in the same fashion simply by living life without fear. Walking the dog after dinner, a bike ride, or sitting on the porch enjoying the evening air lets the criminal element know someone is watching, and their chances of getting away with illegal activity are diminished.

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