Wednesday, September 9, 2009

412 Sassafras

The resident of this property has once again made the local news!

Apparently this time Mr. Mclean was acting unruly and resisted arrest in some sort of incident that began a block from his house, ultimately ending at his address. Another person was arrested as well.

Mclean regularly shows a total lack of regard for the community, his neighbors or anything other than his own selfish wants. 412 Sassafras St. hosts known gang members and drug dealers, has been the recipient of numerous police calls for noise, domestic disputes, suspicious activity - the list can go on!

The constant delinquent behavior by Mr. Mclean and the crowd he hangs with is something one would expect from a rebelious teenager who lacks guidance, not a grown "man" who should know better, or have even a remote sense of right from wrong. Unfortunately, trash like this do not rehabilitate or change their ways - they just spread their own self misery and low self esteem to others.

People like Mr. Mclean thrive on annoying decent people around them. The only thing they respond to is: 1)harsh penalties they cannot afford and the knowledge that consequences will continue at every turn, or 2)getting a good beating until common sense sinks in and they stop their crap! Back in the day the belt was a powerful tool on a child to deter development into what you see at 412 Sassafras St.

Since beatings are obviously not legal or politically correct these days, city government should work hard to make examples out of brazen idiots such as Mr. Mclean, and use all legal means possible to make life miserable for him, just like he does to others. If Mr. Mclean cannot afford to live in his home due to heavy fines and financial obligations, he will either stop the nonsense or move on - a win either way for people who would like to live in peace!

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