Friday, September 18, 2009

Walking Security Salesmen

There's been some people walking door-to-door all over town selling home security systems. In South Millville recently a company called Apex Security was making the rounds. If a resident showed interest, they had a van literally sitting at the end of the street that would pull up and get to work. I was told by a friend near the Columbine Ave. area that his neighbor declined the service, and his home was burglarized literally within a few days! Probably a coincidence but makes you wonder!

This week I had a representative come to my door saying he was from Pinnacle Security, and offering all kinds of great deals if I act right away and sign a multi-year monitoring contract.

I did some searching on Pinnacle, and found quite a few consumer affairs complaints against the company.

Be aware and do your homework! Especially when they come to you. Too many shady people and criminals sizing up their next score to be inviting strangers into your home! Especially when it involves laying out your home's vulnerability and security procedures to a person you just met five minutes earlier!

My theory has always been: If you truly have a good product or service, you'd be too busy to come knocking on my door to let me know about it!

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