Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reduce Opportunity, Reduce Crime

Most criminals are opportunists. They look for flaws in security measures, or quick access to items of value in measuring their chances of success before committing a crime.

People can reduce criminal activity in any given area by taking simple steps to minimize opportunity and temptation criminals thrive on:

Keep valuable items such as money, GPS units, purses or music cd's out of plain view and secured when your vehicle is parked. Always lock car doors, even if running a quick errand. I am still amazed how often I see empty cars with keys in the ignition at local stores!

Keep shrubbery trimmed and clear of home windows. Heavy landscape growth near windows provides concealment and time for the criminal to tamper with locks to gain entry. Do not leave tools and equipment lying around the property or in unlocked sheds and garages.

Keep outside lights on to eliminate dark areas the thief or drug dealer can use to blend into an area unnoticed. Drug dealers and thieves dress in dark clothes for a reason, they try to hide their presence from authorities and watchful residents. If a light is on them you can almost guarantee they'll be moving along.

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