Saturday, August 15, 2009

Corson Park Advisory

There's been an increase of muggings and robberies at Corson Park lately, as noted in the local news. The park is located near 14th and Main Streets. Most recently two men armed with a shotgun robbed somebody (these men were later caught), and two men armed with an unkown sharp object robbed, beat and cut a pedestrian. There have been other incidents in months past.

People using the area should excersize caution and be very alert to your surroundings, avoiding isolated or dark areas. From what I've seen the assaults have taken place after hours when the park is technically "closed" however there's nothing to say the crooks can't branch out into the surrounding streets to find a victim out for an evening stroll.

The eastern edge of Pine street borders the back of Corson Park, and flows into the rear parking lot of the high school on Wade blvd. Pine street is a heavily traveled street all night long by questionable characters, because it provides a direct link between center city and the apartments along Wade blvd. Many teens use this route to avoid detection while out after curfew, and the criminal element seems to favor this route because it's a low profile shortcut where police presence may be less common.

Due to the foot traffic around the park after hours, residents should pay attention to their surroundings and activities, so as not to present an easy target to thugs seeking a quick score.

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