Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not so smart

Late one recent evening I stopped off at a local Wawa to buy some basic staples for the house. I had the honor of watching two young men purchase some flavored cigars from the store, then rush to their car and eagerly begin removing tobacco from the cigars, which aroused my curiosity since I was standing only a few feet away.

These two young men, oblivious to everything around them, proceeded to dump the tobacco on the ground outside the car's window, then refill the cigars (right outside the storefront!) with their own preferred brand of leafy product. Hmmm....

Since these two braniacs driving a Silver Mercury Grand Marquis with large chrome wheels were so open about their recreational habits, I thought Millville Pd. would get a kick out of it too. Unfortunately an officer did not arrive in time to share in the joy these two fine young men so obviously had over their new smokes.

Perhaps someone else will observe these resourceful young men in similar activities one day and notify Millville PD, so they can offer some friendly advice to the occupants how NOT to attract attention to oneself while engaging in illicit activities.

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Carl B. Johnson said...

I find about a dozen or so empty cigar wrappers on my sidewalk daily. The young men at 412,and more recently hanging out illegally on the porch of 411 Sassafras indulge in this form of cigar.