Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Violence in Center City

Besides the shooting on 5th and Pine saturday, there was another incident involving guns.
On Friday night, police dispatched to South Jersey Healthcare-Regional Medical Center (RMC) on a report of a stabbing victim found a 26-year-old Vineland man had been stabbed twice in his right biceps.
The report states the so-called victim was uncooperative. Let me inform you, he is no victim. He came looking for trouble - and we need to allow these miscreants to know they are not welcome in Millville.   The report did not state his name, but I will guarantee this idiot probably has a long list of priors. Vineland needs to keep their garbage in Vineland!
Police here are investigating three separate cases of assault involving weapons, including a home invasion-style burglary on the 700 block of North 2nd Street, over the weekend.
One of the incidents is the shooting already reported. The South 3rd Street scumbag needs to stay on 3rd Street and not bring his gang activity into our neighborhood. The center city scumbag that pulled the trigger needs to be identified and prosecuted. The landlords that rented together of these scumbags need to be identified and forced to remediate the situation of renting to criminals and destroying our neighborhoods.

In other news, during Dottie's Walk last night we discovered bullet holes in the siding of a residence on 3rd St. in Center City. It is time for the residents of Millville to get involved and help us make a difference before a friend or relative is seriously hurt in some tragic crossfire. It will be too late after the damage is done, and I for one will be hard-pressed to have too much sympathy. If you are too lazy to take back our neighborhoods now, don't come complaining to the city later on.


Anonymous said...

There are times when a person make a mistake and they pay for it. Then they learn that they have a better purpose in life then to wrong. Don't say say that he deserved it because u don't even kno him. Talk about the young who pulled the trigger. He was the one who was putting his hand on female and felt intimidated and shot him. Never judge a book by its cover. Just because keith
started on the wrong path he was also ending on the right path by bettering his life.

Anonymous said...

yea who ever writes these blogs is the scum bag. worry about yourself or move out of millville if its all that. or just trash talk ppl over the internet if u saw anyone of them dead ppl face to face see wut u would say then.