Monday, August 30, 2010

Millville Code Enforcement out in force

The Atlantic City Press ran an article over the weekend about the efforts of Millville Code Enforcement to crack down on nuisance and derelict properties.

It has been more than a year since the city started cracking down on code violations in its oldest neighborhoods, and it doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.
In a recent sweep, the city's inspection department, along with Revenue Allocation District personnel, split into teams and walked every block in the area between High and 10th streets, known as center city, looking for code violations and writing citations for every one they found.
In total, the city wrote 106 citations over two days - for everything from trash and loose debris in people's yards to serious structural issues with their homes - Public Works Director Dale Finch said.
In the upcoming weeks, they will do the same in the South Millville and Third Ward neighborhoods
"The inspectors are targeting specific neighborhoods," Finch said. "They're parking their cars and getting out and walking the neighborhood. They walked two days through center city.
"We're being aggressive in citing people that are not keeping up to code."
This effort is just one part of a multi-faceted attack to tack back our neighborhoods. Code enforcement personnel help to persuade landlords and tenants alike to keep their properties maintained. Sgt. Farabella  targets criminal activity and weeds out the worst of the worst.

But the rest is up to the residents of the neighborhoods. We must be vigilant. We need to forge relationships with our neighbors, to look out for one another, and to report any and all suspicious activity to the police.

Call 825-3111 for Millville Police Dispatch. Give them an address and description of the nuisance or criminal activity. It is vital to do this EVERY time you witness nuisance activity. And you may politely refuse to provide your name and address to the police dispatcher, if asked. They will not push for the info, even though it remains confidential. the important thing is to make sure that you provide the street address of the nuisance, if you want to ensure that action is able to be taken to abate it.

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