Saturday, December 31, 2011

301 N 5th St LLC - SLUMLORDS

Fifth and Mulberry Streets have become a hotbed of nuisance activity. Residents lives are in danger from stray bullets as gunfire is a regular, nightly occurrence in this area. It is only a matter of time before an innocent bystander is hit.

The Daily Journal reports that the source of some if this activity is 301 N 5th Street.

A street brawl and gunfire in a Center City neighborhood Friday morning led to the arrests of five men on unrelated charges.
It was the third time in three days police were called to the area of North 5th and Mulberry streets for reports of shots fired.
Bystanders to Friday’s fight directed officers to an apartment house at 301 North 5th Street to find some of the people involved in the incident, police said.
This property is a rat's nest of nuisance activity. The building is an eyesore, but unfortunate that is not a crime.  But it is indicative of the contempt the owners hold of Millville residents and taxpayers. The owners are too cowardly to list the property under their own names, but hide behind an LLC. Their LLC is listed as the highly imaginative
133 Stratford Place
Lakewood, NJ 08701.

They relax in their quaint neighborhoods, collecting easy money while our neighborhoods turn into ghettos. I did a search on 133 Stratford Place, and discovered that it is owned by Avrohom and Judith Goldberg. Apparently this property consists of condominiums, so it is not clear of the Goldbergs are behind the 501 N Fifth St LLC or not.  I will continue to dig.

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