Monday, January 4, 2010

Prowler Alert!

During the overnight hours Sunday into Monday, a suspicious male was spotted walking between homes in the area of North 7th. Street just off Main. Police were called by an alert homeowner, but the man quickly slipped away into the darkness - seen running east on Main Street.

I believe at least one vehicle may have been found rummaged through, but nothing taken.

A short time later a male subject fitting the same clothing description initially given was seen running through yards on 9th street between Sassafras and Pine. Police again responded immediately, however the person slipped away into the darkness another time.

Residents living in these areas should be alert to any suspicious activity, and perhaps consider keeping outside lighting on to illuminate yards and alleys to deter activity until the individual is apprehended.

On a positive note: Both times when police were called, they immediately converged to the area in question and established perimeters. On the second call Police literally arrived to the exact location the suspect was last seen within seconds.

Even though the suspect was not caught, in my opinion this quick response by police could not have been accomplished through a county 911 line. A regional 911 Operator most likely will not be familiar with local streets, alleys and general topography of the neighborhoods to quickly guide in responding officers, and the delay (usually incurred with waiting for a 911 operator to transfer you to someone at the local police station) last night could have been the difference between a criminal successfully robbing and stealing items, or being forced to flee into the darkness because police were hot on his heels!

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