Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shots fired

On the morning of January 14 at 1:10am shots were fired in the vicinity of 4th and Sassafras Streets. I was awakened out of sleep to hear about six or so shots fired in quick succession.

These were not fireworks - I am a seasoned target shooter and know the difference between a handgun and fire crackers. This sounded like a .38 caliber or 10mm, something in that range. My girlfriend woke up to the shots, also, and confirmed that they sounded to her like gun shots.

They came from the northwest of my house, I guess on 4th Street between Pine and Sassafras. A dark SUV (Ford Explorer?) was seen right afterward. It was headed south on 4th, turned east on sassafras, and parked on my street for about 2 minutes before leaving. there was no foot traffic on the streets that night, it was still bitter cold out.

Police arrived about 30 seconds afterward, and patrolled the area.  Nothing was found, and to my knowledge nobody or nothing was hit. At least no other reports were made.

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