Sunday, July 4, 2010

901-903 E. Broad Street - all night drug store?

901-903 E. Broad Street - all night drug store?

Is the slum apartment at 9th and Broad (sixteen units so that the slumlord can maximize their profits at the expense of the neighborhood) a new drug haven? If you don't recognize this address, it is because the slumlords have the address on the building as 523-525 N. 9th Street - and address that does not exist!

A concerned citizen has complained about the screen doors to the units being torn off by the tenants, so that drug dealers can easily hide in the hallways while waiting for their customers to drive up.

I have been told that AB Apartments LLC (I love how some slumlords refuse to use their real names, hiding behind bogus LLC's to protect themselves from liability) was informed of this problem before, and took care of it after the city notified them. once again, the doors are missing, but the irresponsible entities that own the complex either do not check up on the property, or they simply do not care.

The point is, if you decide to become a landlord, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to either visit your properties yourself on a regular basis, or have a property manager do so for you. by regular, I mean if you are not at the property at least once a week, you have neglected your duties to the neighborhood, and to whatever decent tenants you might mistakenly rent to.

Hopefully I am mistaken about the owners of this property, and they are taking proactive measures to evict ALL of the criminal element, and are taking measures to repair damage caused by the fact that they irresponsibly rented to derelict tenants.


Anonymous said...

i can remember when those where one of the nicest apts. in millville in one of the nicest areas.....i had to ride by and could not belive my eyes ! of course i am talking years ago too many but damn !!!!!

CumbFinest said...

I must say Wow!! I guess you would have to be a landlord to understand the stuff you have to go through... You can not evict a tenant without proper proof and reasons. Also, you can NOT just check up on properties rented out. Tenants have rights and if violated they can be serious consequences to landlords. As much as it stinks for the community and tenants who do want the pleasure of living in a certain place... you will have to pick and choose where you move. And sometimes moving to a better place after certain types of people move around is your only option.

Anonymous said...

Actually landlords DO have options that they REFUSE to pursue. A crime-free lease addendum is one option. The crime-free lease addendum states that NO tenant can be arrested(not convicted, an arrest is all it takes) of any crime, on or off premises.

Background checks on ALL tenants, and all tenants being listed on the lease is another. No tenant can have ANY criminal background.

Also, a restriction, in the lease, on overnight guests. ON:LY the occupants listed on the lease are allowed to be on the property.

ANY infraction will result in immediate eviction proceedings. I know landlords that are doing this - and it s effective. The problem is, many landlords do NOT care about the neighborhoods they are destroying.

And NO - we are not going to leave our homes just because you think we should allow slumlords to get away with mayhem - instead I am pushing for laws that penalize these scumbags and make it unprofitable for them to run slum houses. Hit them in the wallet - bulldoze down their properties if we must - but enough is enough - the citizens MUST take back what is rightfully ours - peaceful, crime free neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

I have apartments in Millville. Landords are the victims. There are very few landlords that, if "hit in their pockets" would have any money there. EVERY tenant I have had has destroyed my apartment. Section 8, TRA, cash paying, white, black, hispanic, male, doesn't matter. I can hardly afford the mortgage payments because all of the rent money I am collecting is going to repairing the damage done by tenants. I would love to get out but can't sell the buildings. If the City of Millville is concerned they should buy the buildings from the destressed landlords, level them and make a park. I would sell mine for exactly what I owe to pay the mortgage off and get out but the economy is not allowing that.

Anonymous said...

Nice - the anonymous landlord made a bad business decision and now he wants the taxpayers of Millville to bail him out!