Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Oakview the New Millville Gardens?

Oakview, always known as Wade east to Millvillians, seems to be vying for position as the New Millville Gardens.

The other night there was gun play, with a group of miscreants shooting at each other. Fortunately nobody ever taught them how to handle a firearm.

No thanks to the management of Oakview (we can thank Paul Porreca for bringing us this atrocity as well as Delsea Gardens - he said these housing projects would be good for Millville), Millville Police were able to quickly make arrests.

Four people, including a juvenile, were arrested Tuesday as a result of a police investigation into a fight and two separate incidents of gunfire Monday night at Oakview Apartments.

Millville Police Det. Sgt. Carl Heger and Det. Bruce Cornish went to the East Broad Street apartment complex to investigate the incidents from the prior night.

There were no reported injuries and no victims could be located on Monday, but during their investigation two officers said they saw a man in the 200 block using a controlled dangerous substance and trying to conceal a handgun under his shirt in his waistband.

This piece of human excrement was in possession of a handgun stolen from Port Norris a year ago. He needs to be locked away for at least three years, but some namby-pamby judge, I am sure, will see fit to slap his wrists and set him loose on society once again.

What is it going to take before our courts decide to get tough on gun crime? I guarantee these same judges are the ones that are against law-abiding citizens legally possessing handguns. But as long as they continue to pamper thugs that show a total disregard for gun laws, law-abiding people will need firearms to defend themselves against the vermin that these judges thrust into our neighborhoods.

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