Friday, October 22, 2010

Hearts and Holly

In  volunteer as chair of the Center City Neighborhood Group, chairing the Citizen/Police Advisory Council (CiPAC), and siting on the Millville Weed and Seed Steering Committee, all in efforts to improve the quality of life in Center City. Concerned residents of the area are invited to attend these meetings. Together we can make a difference.

One of these groups that I was somehow dragged into was a steering committee under the auspices of AHOME. We have very big news, and I will fill you in on the back story after November 4.

If you are a Center City resident, you are invited to our Hearts and Holly celebration on November 4. This event is only an hour and a half, but we are packing quite a bit into that time.

We will have face painting, apple cider, prize give-aways (we have at least four IPods that will be given away as door-prizes) and a very important announcement that will directly benefit our neighborhood for the next three to five years.

So I urge you to join us November 4, from 2:20 to 4PM at the First United Methodist Church parking lot for this event. That is a Thursday afternoon (kids are off school that day). See our plans for the float for the Millville Holiday Parade. Volunteer. Or just come for the free stuff. Whatever your reason, we need you to get involved. And you will be the first to hear the news - and it is big!

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