Thursday, October 14, 2010

Idiot shoots woman, child in Millville

If you see this man, call the Millville Police IMMEDIATELY at 856-825-7010. DO NOT approach him, he is considered armed and dangerous.
Police said a warrant with $75,000 bail was issued for Markese Childers, 27, charging him with two counts apiece of aggravated assault and endangering an injured victim. Police also said he faces endangering the welfare of a child and several weapons charges.
I know I have seen him around town. The amazing thing is, actually not quite so amazing, he is a repeat offender.
Childers has a previous criminal record. He was in state prison from May 2006 to June 2007 on charges of burglary, heroin possession and driving with a suspended license, according to the state Department of Corrections website.
When are the courts going to figure out a way to seriously reprimand criminals and stop this revolving door madness that allows miscreants like this to get free meals and medical care, and then sets them loose on society to wreck more havoc.

The other perp in this case is the mother of the child. She is not a victim, even though she was shot. She lied to police to protect this idiot, even though he came close to killing her child. DYFS needs to be in that household immediately and to assess whether or not (my guess is not) this woman is fit to have custody of that child.

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