Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Millville Homicide

Last night we had the second shooting related death in five months.
City police continue to investigate the shooting death of a man at the Delsea Village Apartment complex Tuesday night.
Police have yet to release the identity of the slain man, and Delsea Village residents wouldn't discuss what happened last night.
There is one thing of which we are fairly certain, none of these incidents involve innocent bystanders. There is an entire underground culture that is swiftly overtaking the city. There is no easy answer, especially when you are stuck dealing with the aftermath of such atrocities as Delsea Gardens, a government project foisted on us by narrow-minded, short-sighted individuals who sold the soul of our city back in the 1970's.

Police Chief Tom Haas assures me that there is a plan, and the MPD is doing all that it can within the legal restraints to combat the gangs that are behind this reign of terror.  This infestation, that is fed by Cumberland County's idiocy in accepting 35% or more of the state's inmates and then allowing them to remain here upon their release rather than busing them back to the county where they were sentenced, has to be curtailed before we can see any real improvement in the neighborhoods.

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