Friday, February 17, 2012

Info sharing today lists 2 of cumberland county's most wanted. One of these individuals is a Mexican male named Sergio Angel of the Bridgeton area. In the press release, it is listed that Angel has a tattoo on his left hand stating "SUR 13 STG." Just want to share the meaning of this so the community is aware who is among us:

"Sur" stands for Surenos, or Southern Hispanic. Most Mexican street gangs fall under southern/southside (Sureno), or Northern (Norteno). The # 13 is a number southerners represent by (Nortenos use 14).

"STG" is a term prisons use in classifying members of more notable gangs that pose a danger to the orderly running of a facility. STG stands for Security Threat Group.

The Surenos are on the high end of the pecking order. In prison, other gangs will fall in line to a Surenos member or clique. the Surenos' main function is to act for, and report directly to the Mexican Mafia, who ulitmately control all kinds of illicit activities, but especially the flow of narcotics coming from Mexico into the U.S. The Surenos will hold responsibility for distribution of the narcotics and any other bidding the Mexican Mafia wants done.

Seeing what the Surenos do on the street, and knowing the prisons classify their members as part of a security threat group, these people are not wannabe's, and are serious career criminals. the fact that this Sergio Angel has STG tattooed directly on his hand is an easy tell that he is no stranger to the penal system or criminal lifestyle.

Many of these gang members will blend in with migrant farm worker populations who travel all over the country seasonally looking for work. It is an easy way to maintain mobility and move drugs among networks for street level distribution.

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