Saturday, July 25, 2009

Graffiti observed

Any residents living in the area of Howard street just south of Main may have noticed the initials "LTG" spray painted on a few fences, garages or walls the past several months. LTG has a possible meaning of Lower Town Gangsters, which is a gang that falls under the People's Nation, commonly associated with larger gangs such as the Crips, and represented by six pointed stars in drawings, and the color blue in clothing attire.

I've also noticed "LTG" tagged on the landscape retaining wall at the intersection of Brandriff and Main. Residents living in this area should pay attention to teens moving about in the neighborhood, and how their own children may be dressing. Dominant blue colored clothing being worn, or items such as hats, bandannas or belts to the left side could be an indicator of gang activity in the neighborhood that parents or law enforcement may find helpful.

The graffiti may only be a young wannabe simply causing mischief, however often times minor things left unchecked can grow into a much larger problem for the community, due to juveniles being easily led into what they perceive to be cool behavior.

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