Friday, July 17, 2009

Vehicle Alert:

Folks, there's a red chevrolet trailblazer type SUV around town. The windows are tinted all the way around, and it has custom chrome rims. NJ Reg. #WHU-___. This vehicle has been witnessed in several areas of town engaging in what appears to be drug dealing. It seems they coordinate via cell phone with buyers where to go, then they meet briefly to complete a transaction, and are on their way.

The vehicle is often seen parked in the 500 block of north second street near the nuisance rental properties. Possibly be the base of operations they work out of? Currently unknown...

The vehicle is often occupied by several male subjects, and while they may frequent other parts of the city, they've been seen regularly on all the streets between Main and Broad from 2nd up to 14th, on several occassions meeting up with other vehicles briefly to make "exchanges"

Please take note of this vehicle and notify the police department if any suspicious activity is observed. Take away their ability to blend into their surroundings, and you can take away their ability to conduct illegal business.

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