Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Drug Bust on S. 2nd St

I heard that there was a drug bust on a nuisance property located on S. 2nd Street last week, and the particulars are in today's Daily Journal.

The city is taking legal steps against the owner and a tenant of a South Millville apartment house that was the site of recent drug arrests.

Several people were arrested Feb. 18 at the six-unit rental property at 143-145 S. 2nd St.

The arrests were part of a joint investigation by the city Police Department's Narcotics Unit and the Cumberland County Organized Crime Bureau.

Narcotics Unit Sgt. Jody Farabella said Friday the names of those arrested were not being released because of a continuing investigation. One person was in Cumberland County Jail.

Police have responded to the apartment house 99 times since July 2006, when its current owner acquired it, Farabella said.
This is a slum rental owned by a slumlord that has refused to abide by even our most basic laws and regulations pertaining to properties. The owner is:




The owner has illegally named a tenant as building manager rather than use, as required by law, a management company. The contact information on the unit registration is outdated, as if these slumlords are doing everything possible to ensure that they cannot be contacted by city officials.

They live and reside in PA and NY, but come to our city and feel that they have the right to destroy our neighborhoods, allow drug activity to take place in their rentals, and profit off of our misery. Apparently their "corporation" is a fake, I can find no information on it with an internet search. If and when info is found, I will publish names, and addresses if possible, of the slumlords responsible for this travesty that has destroyed the peace and quiet of decent residents in that section of town.

As you can see, the "Excessive Use of City Services Ordinance" is being put to use in more ways than one, alerting our narcotics task force of problem areas and giving them the legal force necessary to arrange for this type of raid.

This is why it is so important to not become discouraged when you don't see faster progress. It is critical that the undercover work be done completely and properly to ensure a clean raid, and that the courts will not be able to toss it out on technicalities.

This is also why you must attend city commission meetings, write to your commissioners, write letters to the editor, and get involved in your local neighborhood groups. The city is facing a budget crisis this year, and police services WILL be cut unless we speak up now.

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