Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Slum Rentals on the way?

Two recent real estate sales in center city have concerned citizens worried. 412 E. Vine St sold to Ji Associates in January for just over $50,000. This was an apparent foreclosure going to the highest bidder who will obviously turn it into yet another rental property in what is one of our bad neighborhoods.

More disturbing is the sale of 526 N. 6th Street to Bad Real Estate LLC. It is one thing to be in the business of rehabbing and renting properties, and it is quite another to purposely name your business with an offensive name that is an affront to the residents that live in the neighborhoods that you are planning to trash. This property sold for $45,000.

We urge the city of Millville to adhere VERY STRICTLY to ALL codes when inspecting these properties for rental certificates. I am pushing for an ordinance that would prohibit a landlord that has been found guilty of maintaining a nuisance from renewing any existing, or getting any new rental certificate for any property within the city.

Slumlords, be on notice that we are watching, and will be reporting every infraction. Millville has an "Excessive Use of City Services Ordinance" that is being enforced.

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