Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What NOT to do

I have written previously on common sense ideas on how not to be a crime victim. This morning is trash collection day, and one of my neighbors committed and act that screams out "rob my house".

Just a note that last year his house was robbed of everything - and I mean everything. His family was away for an extended period, and the culprits took their time taking everything including the wall brackets for his plasma TV.

He is now replacing the items piece by piece, one at a time.  You ask, what was this he did to make himself a potential victim? He just bought a 32" High-Definition Flat Screen LCD TV. He put the box on the curb for everyone in the 'hood to see.

Rule #1 when you buy expensive electronics that are easily moved and sold, never advertise that you have them! Break the box up, and fold it so the unmarked inside is facing out. It is little common sense things that you do - the things that don't cal attention to yourself that often count.

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