Tuesday, September 28, 2010

100 N. 4th Street, another nuisance in the works

100 N. 4th Street is fast becoming a nuisance. Slumlord Bernadette Joseph has allowed this property to not only become an eyesore, but it is now a hangout for thugs.Of course, Joseph lives at 1286 Roosevelt Blvd in Vineland, and could likely not care less about the deplorable condition.

The landlord has allowed gang graffiti to grace the side of this building. The city, as I understand, had to step in and issue a citation forcing the landlord to paint the building. They selected a mismatched color and painted only on side. Is this perhaps a show of contempt not only for Millville's code enforcement, but also for the neighborhood?

The yards of this building are usually littered with trash and debris, and drug dealers sit on the wall next to the parking lot, waiting for their customers.


Alertguy said...

I drove through 4th and Sassafras a few days ago around 10:30pm. There was two thugs standing about 30 feet apart on the northwest corner in darkness, just watching cars go by and obviously up to no good.

Carl B. Johnson said...

That is the property I refer to. Six apartments, and the slumlord refuses to ensure that the tenants keep the yards free of litter, and refuses to enforce their own "No Loitering" rules.

Right across 4th Street is Dennis Ingraldi's slum, the green trashy dump. The upstairs apartment is a drug house, with deals going on all day and all night, and sometimes in the walkway between them and the neighboring house.

Ingraldi has been told, and so far has done absolutely nothing to stop the drug activity.