Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gunfire incidents solved

I recently reported on gunfire in and around the arts district. We have posted articles about some wretched rental properties that are a large nuisance, as well as a danger to out-of-town visitors.

There is a slumlord from Galloway Twp. - we seem to have quite a few so-called "investors" from Galloway Twp.- that owns 511 N 2nd Street, an area that is one of Center City's larger nuisances.

A 21-year-old city man is facing weapon charges after he was arrested last week with a .32-caliber handgun authorities say was used in several recent instances of gunfire.

Police began probing the activities at 511 N. 2nd St. in late August after developing information its apartment No. 1 was at the center of several recent reports of gunfire, as well as drug-dealing and fights, Millville Police Det. Sgt. Jody Farabella said.

This area is inside Millville's Arts District, but scumbag slumlords could care less that their negligence, like a cancer, eats away at the positive changes the city has been implementing.

This particular slumlord is a coward, hiding behind an LLC so that he cannot be identified. The name of the owner is Future Unlimited Property Management. I would guess the "unlimited" in the business name refers to the nuisance activity perpetrated on this neighborhood.

A little digging revealed the owner's name.  According to tax records, the owner is Winsel Lyles, 307 Longfellow Ct., Galloway Twp., NJ 08205. he also owns 513 N. 2nd St., another house that has been identified as a problem.

It is time that the City of Millville put teeth into their ordinances. The excessive Use of City Services ordinance is not used to its fullest extent, and these landlords and slum tenants MUST be fined. And it is well past time to begin revoking rental certificates from these repeat offenders.

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