Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drug Raid on 3rd Street

The Daily Journal was first to break the news of a drug raid on a nuisance property on 3rd street in Millville this Friday. The house involved was 4q4 N. 3rd street, owned by William and Joyce Goelzer of 611 Glenside drive, Millville, NJ.

Police arrested four people Friday after conducting a drug investigation on the 400 block of North 3rd Street.
City police executed a narcotics search warrant at the home after several months of investigating the property for its role in narcotics sales, said Millville police Sgt. Ross Hoffman, a member of the Organized Crime Bureau for the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office.
Police raided the same home Dec. 8 for the same issue and made two arrests then, including one man who also was arrested Friday, he said.
This house is a known nuisance property. It is a shame that the owner lives in Millville, but apparently could not care less about the plague that nuisance tenants bring on this city. Millville has long advocated that landlords utilize a Crime free lease Addendum, a totally free procedure that is but one tool to protect the landlord's investment in their property as well as helping to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and clean.

Kudos to the MPD for their investigation. The next step the city MUST take is to hit the landlord with a notice of condoning a nuisance property under Millville's "Excessive Use of City Services Ordinance". it is bad enough when out-of-town slumlords destroy the fabric of our neighborhoods by maintaining nuisance properties. After all, they have no stake in our city other than as an income source. But to have Millville residents that are so careless as to turn a blind eye to the crime that is rampant is truly irksome.

As a side note, I did notice a patrol vehicle parked on the corner of 3rd and Mulberry for a good part of today. Some of the denizens that congregate on the corner did not look too pleased.

I can attest that our elected officials do have a vested interest in combating these problems. I understand that we can expect more news of this sort in the future.

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