Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dottie's Walk

Last night, Little Dottie joined us on the walk that bears her name. For well over twenty years, Dottie Wilkerson has taken to the streets on Monday evenings, joined by an entourage of concerned citizens and even elected officials.

Commissioner Dale Finch has been a regular for over two years now, missing only when he has obligations elsewhere. Commission and 3-time mayor Jim Quinn has been joining us regularly this year, and last night he was accompanied by Chuck Flickinger. City planning director Kim Ayres joined us, as did local resident and teacher Pam Corson.

Dottie is getting up there in age, but she walked a few block with us, which required quite an effort on her part. After dropping Dottie to her house, our group then continued, hitting the alleys of South Millville.

Dale was taking notes the entire time, ammo to give to Milt Truxton's group with orders to go out and cite properties that are out of compliance with city codes. The code enforcement officers will be out in force this week, with orders to leave their vehicles parked, and walk the streets.

This is a no-nonsense, common sense approach. It is one prong of many in the pitchfork that will make our neighborhoods clean and safe once more.

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Unknown said...

We just got the news that Dottie passed away. Do you know when the funeral is?