Friday, June 18, 2010

Neighborhood Alert

Residents living near Howard Street be advised:

As written in the Millville news this week: On June 10th a Mr. Leroy Ford of Laurel Lake was located hiding in a basement on Howard Street and arrested. The arrest ended an investigation that began with Mr. Ford driving a White Mercedes with ficticious license plates, getting in a high speed police chase in Alloway Twsp, and initially eluding capture.

Mr. Ford also has prior convictions for burglary (armed or causing injury), and for tampering with evidence, and has served State Prison time. An all around upstanding individual...

Here's what the paper didn't print: Both 408 and 417 Howard Street are rental properties housing trashy people. Rumor is these people are dealing in all kind of illicit activities, as well as causing general chaos in the neighborhood - disputes in the middle of the street, noise all hours of the day/night, criminal mischief, stealing, burglarizing, retaliation against neighbors who speak out, narcotics dealing, stolen vehicles - the list of "alleged" activities is long. Not stating anything as fact, however people are talking, and all the signs are there. I'm told there are already numerous police calls related to activity generating from these two homes.

Other people with ties to those living in the homes are currently in prison on similar charges, and many who frequent the homes are known drug addicts, dealers and thieves. Rumor is much of the stolen items from that end of town all the way out Cedar Street and toward Laurel Lake probably pass through these two houses.

Anyhow, on June 10th, when State Police arrived to arrest Mr. Ford on a tip he was at one house, he fled out the back door and hid in the basement of the other house across the street. A female at the second house then tried to protect Ford by telling police he was long gone, having escaped on a motorcycle. She eventually came clean and gave up Ford, only after consequnces she faced were made clear.

Some neighbors are already reporting activity at these two homes to authorities, however anyone living in the area should be aware of problems eminating from this group of individuals, and not hesitate to report suspicions so corrective action may be taken.

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Carl B. Johnson said...

Howard St. is owned by Kerri Stewart of Hogbin Rd. 417 Howard is owned by Roger Forss of Woodbine.

If there are more than three police calls in a one month period, contact the police department, and ask that the owners be contacted according to Millville's Excessive Use of City Services Ordinance.

The west side of Millville falls outside of Millville's Weed and Seed District - otherwise these calls would have been detected and action already taken.

However, nearby residents can take action themselves, and help shut down nuisances on their own blocks. It just takes a bit of pro-active measures and work on your part.