Saturday, June 5, 2010

More gunfire in Center City Millville

This time, the gunfire moved into the Arts District.

Police are investigating whether a Center City shooting late Thursday night is related to the Wednesday night shooting of a mother and son.

A residence on East Oak Street, between Buck and High streets, was struck by gunfire several times Thursday night, shortly before 10 p.m., police said Friday. Witnesses reported hearing approximately six shots fired in the area, a news release said.
Enough is enough.  Are we waiting for an out of town visitor to be shot before we take action? Why is the incompetent sheriff Bob Austino refusing to help? Several years ago, Millville saw a surge in gun crime. Then sheriff Mike Barruzza took it on himself to approach the Millville chief of police and volunteer to provide sheriff's deputies to provide a presence in the target areas. I guess Austino is too occupied on looking for ways to hire friends.

And as far as Millville politics - now is NOT the time to be laying off cops. We need more cops on the beat, and we need them there now. The insanity needs to stop.

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