Friday, June 4, 2010

Double Shooting in Millville

Yep, even more gun play most likely involving ganstas.This time near 6th and Mulberry.

Millville Police Det. Lt. Les Watson identified the gunshot victims Thursday morning as 37-year-old Jacqueline Downing and 21-year-old Edward Holland, both of East Mulberry Street.
Downing sustained a single gunshot wound to her left thigh, Holland a single gunshot wound to his right arm.
Both were treated at South Jersey Healthcare-Regional Medical Center and later released.
Witnesses reported hearing roughly 10 gunshots, which appeared to have been fired from the rear of a 600-block East Mulberry Street property, Watson said.
It is going to be a long, hot summer. I recently proposed Millville adopt an ordinance requiring all landlords do a criminal background checks on all new tenants. I also proposed that landlords immediately lose their rental permits if their properties repeatedly fall out of compliance with any Millville code.

I understand that the city is now looking at other cities with similar ordinances. Of course, it is too late to do anything about the current problems, but if the city sends a strong message to these slumlords that tolerate criminal activity, we can begin to reverse the tide.

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