Thursday, January 19, 2012


It is an easy number to remember. USE IT! 825-UGLY is a hotline that allows any Millville resident to call in a code violation anonymously. It is a recording, you don't even have to leave your name.

We discussed the 825-UGLY number last night at the Citizen-Police Advisory Council (CiPAC) meeting. besides getting word out to residents to call 825-UGLY when you see he illegal dumping of TV Sets on the curb, or slumlords allowing trash to sit on the curb four and five days before scheduled trash pick-up, we are urging the use of the number to report the locations of sneakers hanging from telephone wires.

The issue was addressed as a question from Sgt. Cramner to Mayor Shannon - what action can be taken to remove the shoes hanging from telephone wires?

As most of our readers already understand, shoes hanging from power lines are signs that there is a drug dealer in that vicinity. On Sassafras Street, the drug dealers hang out at 412 Sassafras, and often at 409 Sassafras. Also, the brand of sneaker will often be a clue to the gang that has claimed their turf.

Mayor Shannon said the city maintenance yard does have a bucket truck. He will be coordinating with the police department to remove the shoes from cable or telephone lines. The city cannot risk playing near the electrical lines due to safety issues - so possibly we need to coordinate an effort to force Atlantic City Electric into taking care of any shoes on power lines.

The police will note the shoes during the course of their daily routines, but we also are encouraging citizens to call the locations in. It takes 15-seconds, and it sends a message to the drug dealers that we are claiming our streets back.

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