Monday, January 2, 2012

More absentee landlord properties involved in the gun violence

Last night I reported on the gun violence that is escalating near 5th and Mulberry Streets.  State Police, the Sheriff's CSI unit and Millville Police were all on the scene for the better part of the night, and Mulberry Street was block with crime scene tape from 5th Street to midway down the block.

The stray lead hit some of the residences in the area, although to my knowledge nobody was hit. YET.

There are three residential properties involved in an ongoing drug war over turf. I recently listed the name of the slumlord that owns 501 N. 5th Street, an anonymous owner from Lakewood NJ who enjoys their own quiet neighborhood as they profit from blight and urban decay. Hey, as long as they get that government section-8 check, what do they care?

Two other properties are also involved in this battle. 501-503 Mulberry Street, owned by Kenneth Williams, PO Box 1568, Millville, NJ 08332.  The tenants of this property are only peripherally involved in the violence, but neighbors say confidentially that they have trashed the entire inside of the house to the point that it is not fit for occupancy.

The real troublemaker in the recent slate of gun violence is 505 Mulberry Street, another rental owned by  Kevin Ragsdale, 426 N 6th St., Millville, NJ 08332.

The daily shooting spree began about a week ago, and has resulted in incidents every single night - allowing residents a reprieve only for New Years Eve night. So far there are no casualties other than the property values of home owners that live in houses that have been rendered almost valueless due to the inability of the City of Millville to put a stop to the violence.

City Commissioner Dave Vanaman insists that the citizens should not be allowed to defend themselves, and claims that it is the duty of the police department to protect the law-abiding citizens that are stuck in the war zone. But to date, he has been mum, refusing to comment to the media or public.

I know renters that are working families, scared for their children because the City of Millville has failed to take corrective action and put a stop to this gangland dispute.

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