Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interesting possibility

As seen at www.homenewstribune.com New Brunswick NJ is forming an all volunteer auxilliary police force. Having grown up in New Brunswick, I am familiar with the area and think this will be a valuable asset not only to that community, but perhaps something Millville should pursue also.

I also lived in Toms River for several years. Toms River had an active auxiliary force while I was a resident. They assisted in things from maintaining a presence at large public events, to traffic control at accident and fire scenes, to providing additional patrols in township vehicles on weekends or busy holidays such as Halloween/Mischief night. They would also do ride alongs with full time officers frequently to learn and share information about happenings in the community.

I believe Millville could benefit from such a volunteer force. Younger adults who may aspire to get full-time positions in law enforcement can begin to build a resume and learn basic functions of community service. The local community college criminal justice program may be a great place to recruit volunteers. Retirees can find joy in volunteering in their community, and almost anybody who cares about their community may have an avenue to get involved if they choose.

By utilizing a group of auxiliary volunteers, the town would have extra eyes and ears at a minimal cost on the streets to interact with the community and bring concerns back to city officials. These same volunteers would also be trained and able to handle tasks such as traffic control and/or community policing to free up full time officers to concentrate more on serious crimes and issues affecting the city.

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