Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Journal reports on Sunday's gun violence

The Press of Atlantic City has completely ignored the recent eruption of shootings at 5th and Mulberry Streets in Millville. The News of Cumberland County ran an article paying lip service to the incident last week. Today, The Daily Journal ran their second article dealing with the situation.
An apartment house at North 5th and East Mulberry streets was hit when several gunshots were fired at it Sunday, marking the fourth time in five days police responded to reported gunfire near the intersection.
A drug turf war has been escalating ever since one slumlord rented an apartment to Bridgeton drug dealers. That is the word I hear from neighborhood residents familiar with the parties involved. The DJ fails to mention that the house that was the target of the gunfire is home to participants in the drug activity according to eyewitnesses. They are fearful of speaking up because, well, the bad guys all carry guns and they don't.
Witnesses reported hearing between 12 and 14 gunshots, followed by a pause, and then more shots.Police recovered bullet casings from .40-caliber and .380-caliber handguns, Zadroga said.
An eyewitness told me that a vehicle came around the block and began blasting away at the house. A male began running down the block, chased by the car, shots still being fired in his direction, and he cut down an alley to escape.

The house on the other side of the alley is owner-occupied, and wonderfully restored. It is a shame that home-owners that take pride in their properties are held hostage but out of town slumlords and careless landlords that rent to anybody that comes to them with a Section-8 voucher.

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