Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Millville gets another police dog

Millville just added a fourth police dog to the force!
Imagine a police force with every patrol officer assigned a K9 partner.
Police Chief Thomas Haas does.
“A lot of people, where they don’t respect police, they do respect the dog,” Haas said. “Also, a dog’s nose is a lot more sensitive for drugs.”
Realistically, Haas said, six K9s might be the most the police department can expect. And that goal got closer last week with the delivery of its fourth working dog, a male Belgian Malinois who now answers to the name “Treu.”
Haas used drug forfeiture money to purchase the dog - police dogs do not come cheap. I guess you can call that a unique form of justice - karma, if you will. You operate a 24-hour drugstore on our streets, your money goes to purchasepolice dogs!

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