Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shots Fired

At around 8am today (Saturday), there were reports of shots fired again in the area of 5th and Mulberry Streets.

Perhaps authorities can try something different to combat the problem. Maybe utilize some sort of portable surveillance camera that can be set up in target/hot areas such as 5th and Mulberry lately, where there is an obvious recurring problem and need for quick action. The item can be mounted on a telephone pole, or some other discreet location to provide video footage, and aid the police in identifying actors.

I would even suggest parking the police department's large command center vehicle right in front of the alleged problem house/s with one officer posted inside, and allow other officers to congregate there for report writing, or a hot cup of coffee during their shift. The pressure would (albeit temporarily) hurt the drug business and illegal activity currently drawn to the area, and send a message to the thugs that the police and honest citizens run the community, not them.

Perhaps a saturation of the neighborhood for petty items would be in order as well: Double parked vehicles, speeding, loud car stereos, J-walking, Loitering, bicycles at night without proper lighting, open containers etc... These smaller offenses will allow the police contact with more people, which adds pressure to the criminal element, and will also keep those who come into the area looking for drugs or to commit crimes from freely doing so, since they may fear being picked up for warrants, possession, or ticketed etc...

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