Monday, January 2, 2012

Join us today

It seems that the Millville neighborhoods are bringing the New year in with a BANG! Criminal activity is erupting throughout the Center City neighborhoods as well as the 3rd Ward. I am hearing reports from South Millville of renewed drug dealing activity on 4th Street and environs.

Gunshots are once again a fact of daily life. And of course, when the police arrive, in good old Sgt Schultz style, everybody "saw nothing".  It is time for concerned citizens to make a concerted effort to fight back.

I urge you to click on the "Join this Site" button on the right, and to contribute. I will be putting more effort in updating the site on a regular basis.

The goal for this year is to point out the addresses of nuisance properties, and post the names and addresses of the absentee landlords that own these houses. When you witness nuisance activity of any nature, call the Millville Police Department Dispatcher (856-825-3111) and give them the address of the problem house. If the address shows up enough times, the owners will be required to stand in front of the City Commission and pay fines.

If you know of illegal rental properties, contact Commissioner Dale Finch at City Hall (856-825-7000) and provide him with the information. The landlords will receive a stiff fine, and the house will get a mandatory health and safety inspection. It is time to make the absentee landlords that have allowed their criminal tenants to destroy our neighborhoods.

If we get enough subscribers to the website, our next step will be to organize neighborhood watches on your block. You have to be willing to take responsibility for your block, nobody else is going to do it for you.

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