Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gunshots at 2nd and Broad Sts

The Arts District extends to the corner of 3rd and Broad, on paper. However, greedy landlords and slumlords continue to rent their sleazy, filthy units to the criminal element. Second Street has many Victorian houses with wonderful architectural details, and many decent owners as witnessed by the intersection of Mulberry and 2nd Sts.

However, slumlords have all but devastated the 500 block of 2nd St., by recklessly renting to occupants that deal drugs in broad daylight and refusing to maintain clean and safe properties.The mini market owners refuse to discourage loitering on their property, and are slow to clean up debris on the sidewalks or parking lot adjacent to their store.

So is it any surprise that gunshots are frequently heard in this area? It was a big surprise to see that the Daily Journal actually reported on a recent incident. Most reports of gunfire in Millville never make the newspaper, as they are becoming more and more commonplace.
Shots were fired near a busy Center City intersection, police said Monday.
No one was injured when shots rang out around 2 p.m. Saturday near North 2nd and East Broad streets, according to Lt. Ed Zadroga.
Police found two bullet holes in an exterior wall of D&S Custard, which is at the intersection.
 Nice - gunfire in the middle of the day on New Year's Eve, at a busy intersection. There is a bank and a supermarket on the adjacent corner, Millville Queen Diner down the street. It is only a matter of time before innocent people are seriously injured.

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