Sunday, January 8, 2012

Millville Police promise to protect your identity

The News of Cumberland County published a helpful article today. Millvilel police will not leak your identity if you call in a violent crime. I have said this many times, and it is good to see it in print. is pertinent that the witness be kept anonymous.
“It depends on the crime, but in the situation of random shootings, they can remain anonymous completely,” Haas said.
Just in the past two weeks, Millville has experienced four reported shooting incidents, as well as a stabbing on Thursday.
“In the situation of the shootings, the identity of the witness is not needed in court,” Haas said. “If someone is being shot at, or sees someone shooting a gun, they need to tell us.
“There again, if they want to handle it themselves and not speak up, that doesn’t help us.”

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